Sture had a "non matching numbers" Rapide. He found out that Börje had the original Rear Frame Member / Swing arm at his Rapide, so they agreed to make an exchange. Sture sent us some pictures from when he visited Börje to make the swap. There seem to be some oddities in one of the pictures. Now it is up to You to find them all!

What is wrong with this picture below? Or is it just an underemployed webmaster who couldn't controll his fingers. Maybe You know the quiz "Find Five Errors", but don't stop after 5, there is more...
Send Your answer (what You found) in english oder deutsch to Jan Stigsén or Mats not later than January 31:st (same date as paying the membership fee).
The rather uncorrupt jury consists of Mats and Jan. Some extra points if You explain what is wrong with a little humour.

The Club will pay the application fee for the Scandinavian Rally 2021 for the Winner.

Winner and facit will be published here in February.

Stures Rapide was "Vincent of the Month" this September. To read about it click here.