Vincent Value Guide
If You want to know the value of Your Vincent, or maybe it is time to buy or sell, then You might have use of this free valuation service.

Enter all information in the form and press the button "Calculate the Value" to get an answer.

Click Your model in the list.

If the model isn't listed, we can't calculate any value


In case of Egli or Norvin, describe the engine. Recently produced modern engine (like Godet-Egli, enter "Other")

Year model Enter all four digits
Condition, optical
Tank gold line conformity with original

This is just a sample test of how exactly it is painted to original specifications. Enter 00 if line is missing (e.g. Egli). Enter XX if You are afraid of scratching the paintwork with a vernier gauge or by any other reason don't want to measure. In this case the value will be less accurate..

Gold line width in mm, no decimal
Distance from tankcap to gold line in mm
Condition, function
Condition, original
Brake performance

Distance should preferably be measured, but could for instance during winter be estimated. Just be honest!

100 to 0 km/h. (62.5 to 0 Mph)
Top Speed

Solo with driver leaning forward. Please, compensate for any inaccuracy of the speedometer. Using a GPS will give a very precise speed without "optimist factor".

Km/h. (If speedometer in miles, Mph x 1,6)
Converted to lead free
Be very careful to check that all information are entered in the form before You press "Calculate the Value" !!
Calculate the value
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