Månadens Bild April 2013 - Picture of the Month April 2013
Honda introduced themselfes in USA very successfully in early 60:ies with the slogan: "You meet the nicest people on a Honda!"

Couldn't Vincent have done something like that: "You get more girls with a Vincent!".

We got the picture from Marcus Bowden, Overseas Representative of VOC, who was "attacked" by these unknown girls when going home from Morval Steam Rally.

Honda introducerade sig framgångsrikt på USA-marknaden i början på 60-talet med sloganen: "You meet the nicest people on a Honda!".

Kunde inte Vincent ha gjort något liknande, t.ex. "You get more girls with a Vincent!"

Bilden har vi fått från Marcus Bowden, Overseas Representative i VOC som vid hemfärd från Morval Steam Rally "attackerades" av 4 okända tjejer.