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Germany North West Section of Vincent Owners Club

This year's Rally took place 8th through 10th of June in cooperation with Germany North West Section of Vincent Owners Club. The site was conference center Theodor Schwartz Haus in Brodten, a village just outside Travemünde in Germany. Brodten is situated just a few kilometers from where the ferries from Trelleborg and Malmö arrive.
Hosts for the rally was Michael and Brigitte Burkert and Jimmy C assisted by Gerd A.
A very nice rally with 75 participants from seven different countries, Poland, England, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and France!

Everything was perfect with good food, pleasant quarters, friendly athmosphere and nice weather.
The rally itself is just one part of the fun. The trip to and from is just as important. A long distance trip with a Vincent is a lot more rewarding than to just transport the bike using a trailer. Sometimes, though, the prayers for adventure are answered just a bit more generously than needed. After all, we do ride ride these 60 - 70 years old bikes pretty hard - so, no wonder. But usually we can manage most problems with what we have at hand. Here are some known incidents from various owners.
Mats problem med Cometen Gills rasade Rapide Jans kopplingsras Patriks nästan omöjliga uppgift Vad hände med den?
As usual Calle had planned a Calle-tour before the Brodten rally. The trip started on Tuesday and included peninsula Rügen and its many places to see. On Friday they joined the rest at Brodten.
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Calle Tour 2018
The German host club celebrated their 20:th Year Jubilee at the meet.
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