Route "North", A nicer route to SVC Scandinavian Rally. From Halmstad or Simlångsdalen
It is not a must to take highways or straight roads to Fleninge.
If you prefer to ride your bike down winding roads and do you have extra time to spare, then this could be a nice alternative road choice. This route starts out from Halmstad (red route) or in Simlångsdalen (green route).
Simlångsdalen Here is the the start of this Route from Simlångsdalen.
Road junction. After a quite strange curve you reach this junction, turn right and then after 100 m, make a left.
Tönnersjö Go stright through Tönnersjö.
Road junction. Take a left and follow the Red route from step 6.
Halmstad / Fyllinge Here, the Route from Halmstad starts. Leave Highway E6 at the southern exit from Halmstad (at shopping center Eurostop) and choose Rd 15, towards Markaryd. After the large glass window plant Pilkington in Fyllinge, make a left, leaving Rd 15.
Veinge Right before Veinge you arrive in the small village Veinge By. Here you make a right. Then inside Veinge make a left after the railway. When you come to Rd 15 , make a right and the left, alomst immediately.
Laholm After crossing river Lagan, take to the right and carry on straight which takes you through Laholm to the roundabout with Rd 24. Make a left in the roundabout.
Våxtorp Follow Rd 24 through Våxtorp. About 500 metres after the roundabout, make a right.
Tåssjö After passing a large lake and then a smaller lake, you make a left. Right before Tåssjö Church you make a right. Continue and pass right over Rd 114 toward Eket and Bassholma.
Eket In the village Eket, make a right. Carry on over Highway E4 and continue parallel to the Highway to Stidsvig.
Stidsvig Before Stidsvig, turn left. Inside Stidsvig village, make a right toward Klippan.
Klippan North of Klippan, make a left on Rd 13. Continue past the western outskirts of Klippan to the junction with Rd 21 where you make a right. After 1,5 km / 1 mile (halfway to Kvidinge) you make a left toward Västra Sönnarslöv, or whatever the sign says.
If You need a better map of this area, click here: Better Map.
Västra Sönnarslöv Just follow the road. Do not go all the way to the church in Västra Sönnarslöv. Instead continue for 500 metres (1/3 mile) and ceep right in that junction toward Stenestad.
Stenestad Make a right in Stenestad.
Norra Vram In Norra Vram, make a left and then a right after 100 metres. Go straight ahead between the villages Bjuv and Billesholm. Carry on straight ahead and pass over Rd 110 and go towards Mörarp.
Mörarp In Mörarp, make a right and after the railway tracks, make a left onto the road Benarpsvägen. After about 3 km (2 miles) take right toward Rosendal.
Rosendal When you have passed Rosendal Castle and the underpass at E4, take left onto the road Djurhagsvägen. Continue 1 km (0.6 miles) and make a right onto the road "Fleningevägen". Rosendals slott
Fleninge Motel When you have passed over the Highway, you are almost there! Another 200 metres and make a right and there it is, on your right!

Arriving to the meet. Welcome!!.

Fleninge Classic Motel
Arriving early and hungry?
or having spare time for sightseeing?

There is no lunch restaurant at the motel if You arrive early friday.
Here You can find some recommended restaurants and other places to visit in the neighborhood.

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