Here is some information on what to see in the neighbourhood of Olofström, either on your way to, or from, the Club Meet
If you arrive in Olofström well ahead of the time for the Club Meet, or if you are not in too much of a hurry home, please check out some interesting places for sightseeing. If you are in the area already on Thursday, do not miss out on the weekly meet at Tydingesjöns Camping and Café, which takes place in the afternoon/evening.
Fritzatorpet This is the site for the Club Meet. Hotel and restaurant.
Follow the signs from western part of Olofström toward "Nyteboda".After a couple of kilometres westbound you will find the sign "Fritzatorpet". Follow the small road downhill to Hotel Fritzatorpet.
Hotell Fritzatorpet
Brocenter Brocenter is a little Automotive museum mostly for Volvo cars and heavy vehicles, but some motorcycles are also on display.

Situated along the road between Olofström and Jämshög.

Brocenter fordonsmuseum
Ebbamåla Bruk Ebbamåla Bruk. A unique technologic and cultural-historical attraction with all genuine industrial surroundings intact with foundry, blacksmiths workshop among other things. Youth hostel and a café. Situated in Hovmansbygd north of Svängsta. Ebbamåla Bruk
Kungsforsen Kungsforsen restaurant in the center of Mörrum Kronolaxfiske, The Royal Crown´s Salmon Fishing. Wonderful rapids in the river "Mörrumsån".
Follow signs from E22 for "Laxens hus".
Kronolaxfiske och restaurang vid forsen
Kyrkö Mosse Kyrkö Mosse. A remarkable junk yard with old cars. Instead of being evacuated and cleared it has received preservation status as an automotive graveyard. It is located west of Ryd. Bilkyrkogården väster om Ryd
Svarta Bergen A kilometre or so west of Lönsboda, is a quarry "Svarta bergen" for black diabase stone, with a café and a museum. (Svarta bergen translates as Black Mountains) Svarta Bergen, diabas-stenbrott
Tydingesjön Every Thursday "Tydingesjön Café and Camping" houses one of Skånes largest MC-meets. Good weather could give as many as 900 visiting bikes!
Coffee, hamburgers and special fish sandwiches (sillamacka) on the menu.
Classic bikes are popular and are treated with a parking spot of their own.
Om Tydingesjöns mc-träff
The World Heritage City of Karlskrona (not on our map) The city of Karlskrona is since 1998 on Unescos World Heritage list of places that deserve preservation to the future. In and around the city one finds many well preserved buildings and places with a marine connection. Karlskrona- världsarvs-staden
Marinmuseum i Karlskrona Check out the new Submarine hall at Marinmuseet (the Naval Museum). Marinmuseum