Route "South", A nicer route to SVC Scandinavian Rally. From Malmö along the sea.
It is not a must to take highways or straight roads to Fleninge.
If you prefer to ride your bike down winding roads and do you have extra time to spare, then this could be a nice alternative road choice. This route starts out from Malmö and follows partly the coastline north.
Malmö This route starts here. From the bridge, continue highway E6 / E20 until just north of Malmö. Take the exit to Lomma.
Lomma From Lomma, drive north with the coastline of Öresund on your left.
Bjärred In Bjärred, keep on straight toward Löddeköpinge. You will soon cross the Highway.
Löddeköpinge Keep on straight and you will almost encircle Löddeköpinge and then reach the Highway E6 interchange. Just cross right over toward Barsebäck and again you are on the coastal side of the Highway.
Barsebäck Just before Barsebäckshamn (Barsebäck Harbour) you make a right and continue along the coast north.
Häljarp Some distance before Häljarp, you cross the Highway. In Häljarp, make a left toward Landskrona.
Landskrona You don't have to enter Landskrona if not hungry and looking for a restaurant. Otherwise just follow Ringvägen (Circular Road) around the east and north outskirts of the city. Then take the road "Helsingborgsvägen" north and out of the town. Back in the countryside turn left onto the road "Glumslövsvägen". Here You must not follow the signs directly to Vallåkra.
Glumslöv In Glumslöv, turn right to Kvistofta.
Kvistofta Turn right to Vallåkra.
Vallåkra In Vallåkra, turn left and follow the road "Norra Vallåkravägen" out of the village and continue towards Mörarp.
Mörarp Straight ahead in Mörarp. After passing the railroad, turn left into the road "Benarpsvägen".
Benarpsvägen After some 3 km along Benarpsvägen, turn right toward Rosendal.
Rosendal After passing Rosendal Castle and the underpass under Highway E4, turn left. Rosendals slott
Djurhagshusvägen After 1 km on the road "Djurhagshusvägen", keep right and into the road "Fleningevägen".
Fleningevägen After crossing the highway (E6) You are almost there, just turn right and drive a few meters on Västkustvägen.
Fleninge Motel Arriving to the meet. Welcome!!. Fleninge Classic Motel
Arriving early and hungry?
or having spare time for sightseeing?

There is no lunch restaurant at the motel if You arrive early friday.
Here You can find some recommended restaurants and other places to visit in the neighborhood.

Restaurants & tourist attractions