Calles Touring Trip to Västervik
The preliminary plan for the pre tour to the Scandinavian Rally in Västervik are as follows.

Everyone who wants to come are welcome

Wednesday, June 7
Meeting Point Kiel - Gothenburg Ferry Terminal abot 9:30
Driving Gothenburg Spiken/ Läcko Castle with a brief stop at a railway museum
Visit the Läcko Castle for those who wish. Lunch in Spiken fishing harbor.
Driving from Läcko to the first night-stop in or near Tiveden National Park.
About 300 km

Day two Thursday, June 8
Driving up to Askersund at the northern tip of Lake Vättern then down to Vadstena Castle. After this, the Berg locks. A lock system whith 11 locks in a row.
After that, driving a nice little town called Söderköping. For night-stop.
About 220 km
If there is a problem with finding beds for all in Söderköping, there is an option to go to the rally site already on Thursday evening.

Friday, June 9
From Söderköping to the meeting place about 100 km

I do not know how many will come yet so I cannot book accommodation yet. All accommodation in hostels or cheap hotel. I give the details later. There will be arranged accommodation in double rooms for those who wish to do so.

This is just a preliminary plan. It all depends on how many people are coming and the weather forecasts. Are there requests for activities, these might be met? Are we a large group accommodation and create problems?

As usual, no fee. Everyone pays their own expenses. I strongly recommend to have a credit card Visa or another well-known card. Almost all payments are made via credit cards in Sweden, especially gasoline.
The run will almost 100% occur on local roads. We try to avoid motorways.


Questions or reservations: