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Solution................ "CHRISTMAS QUIZ 2020"..................... Result

Deadline has now passed for our little Jultävling of 2020! Nine underemployed members have submitted their answers and no less than four have covered almost all faults, tricks, irregularitises and devilish anomalies.
It is therefore a bit tricky to proclaim one clear single winner! A decision has been reached to split the prize between all four!
The prize is one free ticket to the next Rally of the Scandinavian Vincent Club at Hökensås 2021!
Since we love to complicate things, and since one of the submitters actually did collect more points, this guy will get his Rally fee reduced by 40 percent and the three other combattants get a 20 percent drop of the Rally fee.
Fair and almost square!

The winners' names will be disclosed in next issue of the SVC Vincent magazine!
One can however state that the "winniest" winner might have had an advantage. He was hiding inside the Cuckoo clock, peeking and watching the entire garage scenery!
Oh, and the members who submitted the funniest comments will be awarded at the Rally.

1 If Börje knew that he had visitors coming, he probably would have tucked away his Moon Shine Apparatus!
2 Börje's visitor, Sture, had put on his shoes on the wrong foot! Must have hurt quite a bit in the end of the day!
3 A curious little mouse is nesting under the Bike Lift. They use to be very shy.
4 And another mouse lurking in the bucket! Börje would be wise to address his blatant vermin problem!
5a Here, an issue of SVC magazine no 98 can be seen! No how likely is that? It had not even reached the printers!
5b The text down to the right was changed just before printing. My fault and not intended to be a fault, so I was surpriced when a number of persons noticed this.
6 A camshaft, suitable for a SOHC design with a centrally placed chain? This has to be a UJM (Universal Japanese motorcycle), e.g. a CB 750. Not very likely in Börje's garage at all.
7 An oil filter located where the generator usually sits! Hm, this requires an interesting rebuild of the oil supply and an alternative generator location.
8 square section inlet port was not really standard on this model.
9 Left side gear change system. Börje is an experienced rider of British bikes. He would not spend time and effort on a rebuild. Very few in the club, (the paymaster included) have done this conversion.
10 The two guys was supposed to exchange Vincent frames. Not so likely that Börje would have accepted an Asian aluminium one in return.
11 Club member Jörgen R, who is a doctor, says it is unusual with six fingers on one hand.
12 Börje's wife, Anna, probably misses her cheese slicer. How come it hangs on the tool board and what on earth has he used it for?
13 A Yoshimura logo on Börje's chest! Hardly likely. The text is barely legible, but the logo is the same as on the wall, right?
14 That cylinder head bolt is a rather short one. Not suitable to attach to the cylinder head bracket!
15a The lady having a smoke in Börje's garage, is not his wife. It is Margrethe. She is Queen of Denmark and the grand mother of Prince Vincent.
15b The jeans trousers are not part of her regal attire. Instead they belong to someone else.
16 Excuse me, what time is it? A clock with equal-length hands makes telling the time a bit difficult ...
17 A MAGA cap on Börje's head? No, no!
18 A Honda Classic Club decal on Sture's cap. No, no, and again, no!
19 A bird in the garage! Keep your doors closed!
20 A Yoshimura banner on the wall in Börje's garage! Not likely! Pops Yoshimura was the trim guru for Japanese bikes in the 70s and onward.
21a The cuckoo clock has been added to this wall. And, by the way, it does not have its pendulum in place.
21b and absolutely not with Calle as cuckoo.
- A 20 kilo sack with LIP Trope Flisekleb behind Sture's rear frame piece was added to cover backgrund mess. Not intended as a fault, but one competitor mentioned it.
Some of the funnier answers:

- A Suppenwürfel (Soup cube) has been sucked into the inlet port.
- Sture has put on his prosthetic legs on the wrong leg.
- The mice are called Micky and Minnie!
- Der Kuckuk in der Uhr ist nicht original.
- Sture has become very nimble-fingered
- The fact that Börje is usually one step ahead, does not mean him having an unpublished magazine on his work bench.
- Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has been described as "Börje's smoking wife", "his girlfriend", and "the elegant lady".

A couple of members seemed to be surprisingly well orientated in the art of moon shining! We received skilled tips about faulty connection of the hoses, and a too high reading of the gauge. No names!

Many had found faults that were present in Börje's garage "from the beginning". But have no fear. We have decided not to issue any minus points to those who have spotted other dubious things in the garage.
However, there are two exceptions. Two comments that honestly have hurt the jurys heart in a most serious way:
- Minus points will be issued for the comment that "anyone who knows what Yoshimura is, should expect to be expelled from the club!"
- Minus points will also be issued for the comment that "only old ladies and titmouses ride a bike with left side gear change"
Now why is this such a sensitive point to the jury, one may ask.
Well, when it comes to Yoshimura and the proposed expulsion from the club, one of the jury members confesses that he sometimes uses a belt buckle equipped with the Yoshimura logo and also that he is the owner of quite a number of Yoshimura parts (conveniently hidden in an engine "of a different brand"), and that he has met with Fujio Yushimura, the grandson of Pops.
So it is a very touchy subject.
Both jury members do admit that they own bikes with left side gear change.
But they are keen to point out that the person who made the comment about left side gear change himself has covered thousand of miles on a Honda Deauville.
To this, the Deauville rider and vicious commentator replies that the bike was intended for the British market and hence actually had a good old right side gear change.
The jury dryly replies that the Deauville probably was intended for the local Japanese market, also with left hand traffic. If You study the text very close, You can see that it is written from the right to the left, just as they do in Japan.