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Initially the plan was to hold the meet at the race track Knutstorp Ring, in southern province of Skåne. This would have given those in need for speed the possibility to give the throttle around the track! This, however, proved to be both expensive and complicated. Arranging flag men, medical staff and ambulance presence together with settling for an approved "noise day" for the event, all proved a too high mountain to climb. The people responsible for the meet, Mats Munklinde, Bertil Rosberg and Mikael Rosberg were instead able to arrange a very nice get-together at Frostavallen outside Höör, still in Skåne.
No less than 46 people showed up. From Germany came two participants, from England three and Denmark had 11 participants. The number of Vincent bikes was 21 and the rest were "something else". The technical problems report read: one jumped rear wheel chain, one torn rear wheel chain, and a pair of car keys safely locked away inside the passenger compartment!

Like always the AGM was held during the meet. And as always it did not present any serious revolutions in terms of election results. All members of the board were re-elected. It was decided to create that a Scandinavian Club homepage on the web, the result of which you are now examining!

If you wish to get more information about the hotel where we stayed, please check out this weblink: