Pitty that Stockholm is so far away. But it's possible to go there avoiding all highways. No problems with highways when riding a Vincent, but You can choose smaller roads where You can have a pleasant ride and experience more.

Even if You don't go to the Scandinavian Rally this year, maybe You might have use of these suggestions another year.

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All roads go toStockholm. Here is 3 to choose.
Red route. From Malmö to Stockholm across Åhus, Eksjö and Kolmården. Ferry from Mörkö. Many castles to be passed, especially in Skåne. Red Route from Malmö to Stockholm
Green route. Fom Helsingborg thrugh Söderåsen National Park and High Chaparral. From Eksjö joining the Red Route. Green Route from Helsingborg to Stockholm
Blue route. From Gothenburg via the old Riks-one from Jönköping along the lake Vättern. Joining the Red Route from Norrköping. Blue Route from Gothenburg to Stockholm
Yellow shortcut. If You are going the Green or Blue Route, but want to continue at the Red Route, You can take one of the yellow Shortcuts. See the map for Your route
Orange shortcut. If You want to awoid the highway around Norrköping You can choose the Orange Shortcut via Söderköping and ferry across Bråviken. See the map for Your route
There are also maps from previous meets.
From 2015 when the meet was in Olofström (Fritzatorpet)
Ystad to Olofström
Route Ystad - Olofström
Malmö to Olofström
Route Malmö - Olofström
Helsingborg to Olofström
Route Helsingborg - Olofström
Borås to Olofström
Route Borås - Olofström
Varberg to Olofström
Route Varberg - Olofström
Mjölby/Norrköping to Olofström
Route Norrköping - Olofström
Värnamo/Vrigstad to Olofström
Route Värnamo - Olofström
Places of interest around Olofström
Places of interest around Olofström
From 2016 when the meet was in Fleninge (Fleninge Motel)
From the south, Malmö to Helsingborg
Route Malmö - Helsingborg
From the east, Örkelljunga to Helsingborg
Route Sösdala - Helsingborg
From the north, Halmstad to Helsingborg
Route Halmstad - Olofström
Places of interest around Helsingborg
Eat and see around Helsingborg
Those maps are some years old now, so there is a danger that some advices might no longer be proper. Some restaurants might be closed.