Advance information about next year's Scandinavian Vincent Rally.
The meeting hosts for next year's Scandinavian Vincent Rally have had their first meeting. The rally general is Sune Lindberg, but there are several who help.

As mentioned in Vindeln, it will be 60 km north of Umeå. The place will be Vindelns Camping, with cottages and hotels, right by the Vindel river and the rapids, June 16-18, 2023.
We promise light around the clock and plenty of water in the river. As usual gathering with food Friday night, excursions, annual meeting and dinner on Saturday, and departure after breakfast on Sunday. A Saturday trip to the Motor Museum in Vännäs is planned, but other options, such as Buberget in the immediate area and Mårdsele Rapids, are also available for those who want. Prices will come after update.

This as a short initial information and as more details become clear, the page will be updated.

Vindelns Camping & Hotell Forsen