Route 3: A nicer route to SVC Scandinavian Rally. From Helsingborg / Skåne
Do you like to ride your bike down winding roads and do you have extra time to spare on the journey to Olofström?
If you travel from north-west Skåne, this could be a nice alternative road choice. The route sets out from Helsingborg.
Helsingborg This route sets out from Helsingborg. Choose Rd 110 toward Bjuv.
Bjuv Keep on straight through the roundabout and take a left just after Bjuv.
Norra Vram Take the road "Stenestadsvägen" toward Stenestad over the ridge Söderåsen.
Stenestad Take a right after the church in Stenestad and left in next crossing.
Ljungbyhed West of Ljungbyhed, along Rd 13 we find the restaurant Spångens Gästgivaregård. Maybe it is time for a good meal? Kalle på Spången
After Ljungbyhed continue east toward N Rörum.
Färingtofta Straight ahead if you choose the Red route.
Here you can choose an alternative road. Maybe one of them to get there and the other road on the way home.
Färingtofta Right before Färingtofta you take a left if you prefer the Blue route.
Perstorp Cross Rd 21. Keep somewhat left in Perstorp. When you find the church, take a right after the church.
Oderljunga Straight ahead.
Bälinge Take a right onto Rd 24. Unfortunately this is a rather boring road. If you plan to take another shortcut from Perstorp, it helps if you like unpaved roads...
Röke Left into Röke and make a right in the fork after the village toward Bjärnum.
Bjärnum Left on Rd 117 and soon after that take a right. When you exit the village take a right over Ubbarp and Tågarp toward Farstorp.
Farstorp Left to Hästveda.
Hästveda Take right after the railway and continue to Rd 23 where you make a left. After 600 metres, make a right.
Glimminge (söder om Östanå) Cross Rd 19 and at the next crossing straight ahead. Pass the small river at Glimminge and then take to the right.
Njura Left
Glimåkra First a right and then take left onto Rd 119 toward Lönsboda.
Svarta Bergen, Lönsboda A kilometre or so before Lönsboda, to the left is a quarry "Svarta bergen" for black diabase stone, with a café and a museum. Svarta Bergen Diabas-brott
Keep on into Lönsboda and find the way to Nyteboda.
Nyteboda Left in Nyteboda and then follow the Red route to Olofström and Fritzatorpet.
Norra Rörum Keep on through the village but soon after take a left. Halfway to Sösdala keep left twice.
Sösdala Keep right when You enter Sösdala (Vannaröd). Left in Sösdala to follow the road Sträntevägen toward Brönnestad. Whatever You do, don't cross the railroad.
Brönnestad Take a right. After a kilometre take another right.
Sandåkra When you enter Rd 23, take first a left and soon after that take a right.
Vinslöv Cross Rd 23. Inside Vinslöv take left toward Sörby.
Sörby Almost straight ahead (somewhat left) at the church.
Gumlösa Soon after passing Sinclairsholm Castle take a right in the T-crossing.
Vanås / Knislinge Before reaching Knislinge there is Vanås Castle with art exhibition and Fredholm's Café. Vanås slott med konstutställning och café
Keep on straight through Knislinge.
Hjärsås Keep left after the church in Hjersås. After a couple of kilometres keep to the right. Straight ahead in Hylta and take left at the T-crossing in Dönaberga.
Kruseboda Right in Kruseboda toward Nyteboda / Olofström
Nyteboda Left
Olofström Right before Olofström follow the sign Fritzatorpet and take the small road to the right. You have arrived and you can look forward to a welcome beer! Hotell Fritzatorpet
If you are in the vicinity already on Thursday, it might be a good idéa going to Tydingesjön outside Broby.
Tydingesjön Every Thursday Tydingesjön Café and Camping houses one of Skånes largest MC-meets. Good weather could give as many as 900 visiting bikes!
Coffee, hamburgers and special fish sandwiches (sillamacka) on the menu.
Classic bikes are popular and are treated with a parking spot of their own.
Om Tydingesjöns mc-träff
If you have time to spend, either before or after the Meet, here are a few points of interest close to Olofström (click here)