Route 4: A nicer route to SVC Scandinavian Rally. From Borås to Olofström
Do you prefer to ride your bike down winding roads and do you have extra time to spare on the journey to Olofström? If You come by ferry to Gothenburg, or from Norway, this could be a nice alternative road choice. The route sets out from Borås.
Borås This route starts out from Borås. From Borås take the road toward Dalsjöfors. After Gånghester, take right toward Gällstad (Second crossing after going up hill).
Dannike In Dannike take right. Two kilometres after Dannike, make a left and after another two kilometres make another left.
Torpa Stenhus Torpa Stenhus Castle. This is where King Gustav Vasa was courting in the 16th century. Check out the place yourself or take a guided tour. Café and a restaurant with deer on the menu. Torpa Stenhus med cafè och restaurang
Hofsnäs Herrgård In lake Åsunden, on a narrow stretch of land (Torpanäset), one finds the manor Hofsnäs Herrgård. They have a café and a restaurant with a very good kitchen.

After Hofsnäs, take twice to the left and continue toward Månstad.

Hofsnäs herrgård
Månstad Take to the right in Månstad. When you enter Rd 27, head left and then after 4 kilometres (2,5 miles) take left toward Limmared.
If You don't need food or fuel in Limmared, You can cheat a little with a shortcut via Hulared. In this case, straight ahead through Månstad.
Hulared, shortcut At junction with road from Ulricehamn to Limmared (Rd 157), turn right. After 4 km (2,5 miles), take left. (gv stands for shortcut = genväg in swedish)
Limmared Limmared, a village with a glass bottle factory, has a Glass museum with café.

Try not to act like a elephant in here!

Glasets Hus i Limmared
Limmared Inn is famous for its schnitzels, ranging from size S to XXL. Limmareds Värdshus
Nittorp Straight ahead
Grimsås Take left
Hestra In Hestra, take a left and then cross Rd 26.
Gnosjö After Gnosjö, take to the right toward Anderstorp. After about three kilometres make a left toward Målskog. In the following T-crossing, take a left toward Kulltorp. In Kulltorp, take left toward Hillerstorp, and after almost two kilometres, take a right toward "High Chaparral".
If you are intrested you can make a little detour to check out "Store Mosse" National park, essentially a huge bog but with a rich birdlife and variety of plants.
Hillerstorp Continue straight ahead in Hillerstorp, toward Värnamo, if you want to see Store Mosse.
Store Mosse At Store Mosse you can stroll in nature on the largest bog south of Lapland. But rubber boots may be a good idea. Store Mosse nationalpark
Hillerstorp Go back to Hillerstorp and make a left in the roundabout. And another left right before Kulltorp.
High Chaparral After seeing this, take the ordinary route from point 11 towards point 12 below.
High Chaparral High Chaparral is the site for 1998 SVC Club meet. Have a meal at restaurant "Diligensen" ("Stage coach"), stay overnight at Hotel Big Bengt and check out the Wild West city. High Chaparral
Forsheda Six kilometres (3,75 miles) after High Chaparral take a right toward Forsheda över Fänestad. Cross Rd 27 at Forsheda, then right and the left in the village, and make a right before the church.
Ås Left
Sporda Straight ahead in Sporda, and take to the right after a couple of kilometres.
After Sporda, you can choose an alternative route over Sunnaryd and Bolmen. If so, take to the left some kilometres after Sporda toward Sunnaryd and Bolmsö.
Bolmsö Take the ferry (free of charge) from Sunnaryd to the island Bolmsö. Bolmsö-färjan
Have a lunch at restaurant "Hägern", right above the ferry landing on Bolmsö.

Close to the restaurant, there is a camping with cabins if You want to stay overnight. This was the place for the 1986 Club Meet. Read about it here.

Restaurang Hägern
Tannåker Right
Bolmstad Straight ahead
Angelstad In Angelstad, take right twice, and after this the road gets really twisty. (And we know Vincent riders like that, don't You? Harley riders: think twice!.....)
Skeen Take a left on Rd 25 and after one kilometre take right toward Torpa.
Torpa Torpa, take left. After this, go along the ordinary route from point 18 below.
Unnaryd Left
Lidhult Left before Lidhult and left in the village.
Rv 25 Take right on Rd 25 and left after 50 metres.
Torpa A small Bus museum in Torpa. (open on appointment, so it will probably be closed) Torpa Bussmuseum
Hinneryd Left before the church.
Strömsnäsbruk Take a right after E4, a left after the creek and a right in the village by the Railway Museum.
Hallaryd Take a right before Hallaryd and first a left and then a right in the village.
Osby Left, and take a right after passing under the railway and a left after the church.
Glimåkra Left
Svarta Bergen, före Lönsboda A kilometre or so before Lönsboda, to the left is a quarry "Svarta bergen" for black diabase stone, with a café and a museum.

Keep on into Lönsboda and find the way to Nyteboda.

Svarta Bergen Diabas-brott
Nyteboda Left, toward Olofström.
Olofström Right before Olofström, follow the sign Fritzatorpet and take the small road to the right. You have arrived and you can look forward to a welcome beer! Hotell Fritzatorpet
If you are in the vicinity already on Thursday, it might be a good idéa going to Tydingesjön outside Broby.
Tydingesjön Every Thursday Tydingesjön Café and Camping houses one of Skånes largest MC-meets. Good weather could give as many as 900 visiting bikes!
Coffee, hamburgers and special fish sandwiches (sillamacka) on the menu.
Classic bikes are popular and are treated with a parking spot of their own.
Om Tydingesjöns mc-träff
If you have time to spend, either before or after the Meet, here are a few points of interest close to Olofström (click here)