Route 2: A nicer route to SVC Scandinavian Rally. From Malmö / West Scania
It is not a must to take highways or straight roads to Olofström. Do you prefer to ride your bike down winding roads and do you have extra time to spare on the journey to the meet, then this could be a nice alternative road choice. This route starts out from Oxie outside Malmö.
Oxie Here the route starts. Leave E 65 at Oxie and keep left at the exit fork. Go straight ahead on the road "Stenåkersvägen". Take right into "Oshögavägen" just before an Old peoples home. And then left into "Svedalavägen" which takes you out of the village.
Skabersjö slott Left toward the Castle Skabersjö Slott. After the castle and the highway you take a right. At the Church in Skabersjö, you take a right and soon after take left. Om Skabersjö slott
Torup Torup Castle. Torups slott
At Torup Castle there was a café where you no longer can have a cup of coffee.
Just before the castle you take a right toward Hyby where you go straight through passing Hyby Church. Go on by way of Vissmarlöv, Assartorp and go past Nature Reserve "Risen", toward Häckeberga.
Turups slottscafé
Hyby Häckeberga Castle. A place for good eating and sleeping.

In the crossing closest to the castle, take a left (north-east) and after another 2 kilometres take a left.

Dörröd In Dörröd you will enter Rd 102. Take left toward Veberöd over the ridge "Romeleåsen".
Veberöd In Veberöd take to the right toward Sjöbo. As you enter Rd 11 take left, west, toward Malmö. After about 2 kilometres make a right toward Harlösa.
Harlösa Right and then left toward Hjularöd
Hjularöd No guided tours, but passing the castle is free of charge!

After Hjularöd keep on toward the intersection with Rd 13 at Östraby.

Östraby Cross Rd 13 and continue över Långaröd to Huaröd.
Huaröd Take right just before the village toward Hörröd.
Gaddaröd Take left in the second crossing after Huaröd (not the first road toward Degeberga).
Degeberga Right before Degeberga, there is a small National park. A stroll in the remarkable ravine is recommended.
Hotel and restaurant on the site, but it may be closed. Well, anyway there will be other places to eat, like a pizzeria in Degeberga..
Om Forsakar
Vittskövle Vittskövle Castle Läs om Vittskövle slott
Vittskövle Café Vittskövle café
Åhus Take Rd 118 north through the town toward Kristianstad. If you are an aficionado, you may want to check out the place where the Absolut Vodka comes from.
Rinkaby Right toward Vanneberga and Trolle-Ljungby
Vanneberga och Trolle Ljungby Just after Vanneberga you will pass Trolle-Ljungby Castle.

After the castle, turn left on E22 and take the next right and pass through Bäckaskog and Kiaby.

Om Trolle-Ljungby slott
Bäckaskog Slott The site for 1984 SVC Meet. Make a stop here and enjoy a high class meal.

Restaurant & Hotel in the castle, and hostel in the park.

Om Bäckaskogs slott
Barum Left to Arkelstorp
Arkelstorp Take a right in the village and then cross the main road after the village.
Nyteboda Right toward Olofström
Olofström Right before Olofström follow the sign Fritzatorpet and take the small road to the right. You have arrived and you can look forward to a welcome beer! Hotell Fritzatorpet
If you are in the vicinity already on Thursday, it might be a good idéa going to Tydingesjön outside Broby.
Tydingesjön Every Thursday Tydingesjön Café and Camping houses one of Skånes largest MC-meets. Good weather could give as many as 900 visiting bikes!
Coffee, hamburgers and special fish sandwiches (sillamacka) on the menu.
Classic bikes are popular and are treated with a parking spot of their own.
Om Tydingesjöns mc-träff
If you have time to spend, either before or after the Meet, here are a few points of interest close to Olofström (click here)