Route 7: A nicer route to SVC Scandinavian Rally. From Vrigstad / Småland
Do you prefer to ride your bike down winding roads and do you have extra time to spare on the journey to Olofström? If you travel from the Småland area, this could be a nice alternative road choice. The route sets out from Vrigstad.
It is also a continuation of the route from Norrköping / Mjölby. If you travel from the north, you can jump on this route at Nydala, between Vrigstad and Värnamo.
The absence of highways is guaranteed.
Nydala Nydala, on Rd 127 between Värnamo and Vrigstad, is the starting point for this journey.
Leave Rd 127 and head south on country roads.
Ohs Here in Ohs you will find Ohs steam raiway line which runs on narrow gauge tracks. Here is also a café at hand.

From Ohs, continue south toward Gällaryd / Bor.

Gripenberg About 5 kilometres from Os, take left.
Rickelsboda Take a right in the T-crossing after the lake.
Slätthög Just before Slätthög, take left in a T-crossing. This takes you after one kilometre to "Calle's Chopperdelar" (Chopper Parts).

Pretend to be an interested customer and he may offer you a hot coffee.

Calles Chopperdelar (Modeda-Kalle)
Hössjö About 2 kilometres after the Church in Slätthög, turn right. This will take you to Alvesta.
Alvesta In the centre of Alvesta, address: 17 Allbogatan, there is a very good pizzeria, Bella Capri. The owner may be a bit eccentric, but the Northern Italian cooking is wonderful.
Continue to the south towards Karlshamn. Left after the town toward Blädinge
Pizzeria Bella Capri i Alvesta
Blädinge Straight ahead.
Rv 23 Take left when you enter Rd 23, toward Växjö.
Huseby Bruk med Restaurang Stallet Husebye Estate with Castle, Museum and its restaurant Stallet "The Stable", is worth a visit. The estate was the scene for an economic and romantic scandal in the 50ies, starring Lady Florence Stephens and Prince Carl.
Huseby Bruk med Restaurang Stallet
Skatelöv Go south from Huseby and take a left at Skatelöv Church.
Torne Left in Torne
Vrankunge Right
Sirkön A beautiful area with apple orchards. Drive straight through the island toward Urshult.
Urshult Take a right on Rd 120 and left at the church toward Bäckaskog.
Midingsbråte Right
Kompersmåla Take left in the T-crossing and right after 2 kilometres, toward Kyrkhult.
Hovmansbygd At Ebbamåla is shown a unique attraction with all genuine industrial surroundings from 1850-1950 intact. Museum, Café and Youth hostel.
After this stop, enter Rd 126 and turn left. Then turn left again toward Svängsta / Karlshamn.
Ebbamåla Bruk
Åkeholm At Åkeholm, before Svängsta, turn right toward Olofström.
Olofström If you enter Olofström from the correct way (From Svängsta), carry on right through Olofström toward Nyteboda. After about a kilometre, there is a sign, Fritzatorpet.
You have made it and a welcome beer will be waiting for you!
Hotell Fritzatorpet
If you are in the vicinity already on Thursday, it might be a good idéa going to Tydingesjön outside Broby.
Tydingesjön Every Thursday Tydingesjön Café and Camping houses one of Skånes largest MC-meets. Good weather could give as many as 900 visiting bikes!
Coffee, hamburgers and special fish sandwiches (sillamacka) on the menu.
Classic bikes are popular and are treated with a parking spot of their own.
Om Tydingesjöns mc-träff
If you have time to spend, either before or after the Meet, here are a few points of interest close to Olofström (click here)