Route 6: A nicer route to SVC Scandinavian Rally. From Norrköping or Mjölby. Part One
Do you prefer to ride your bike down winding roads and do you have extra time to spare on the journey to Olofström? If you travel from the north, this could be a nice alternative road choice. The route sets out from either Norrköping (red route) or Mjölby (gren route).
Norrköping Here this route starts and you will go south through the city toward Västra Husby.
Västra Husby Cross the waterway Göta Kanal and keep a straight in Västra Husby toward Östra Ryd, where you follow the road toward Ringarum.
Häggebo About 13 kilometres from Östra Ryd you will enter Häggebo. Here take a right toward Åtvidaberg.
Åtvidaberg In Åtvidaberg, continue south along Rd 35. After the town, take to the right toward Kisa on Rd 134.
Kisa In Kisa, continue on Rd 134 toward Eksjö.
Österbymo Continue straight ahead, still on Rd 134. Then follow point 7 for Red route below.
Mjölby Alternative starting point for this route.
Boxholm If you want to avoid the ferry trip over Lake Sommen, you can choose the road over Tranås, Hestra and Österbymo (Green dotted line). The ferry is small and there is some risk for waiting lines if the traffic is heavy.
Torpön A ferry (rather small) leaves once every half hour. Fee is SEK 20 for motorcycle. Färjan Viktoria från Torpön i Sommen
Ramfall Left in the crossing toward Österbymo along Rd 131.
Österbymo Right on Rd 134 toward Eksjö
Eksjö In Eksjö, choose Rd 32 south toward Vetlanda.
Korsning Rv 31 Crossing with Rd 31. Take a right toward Nässjö. After a couple of hundred metres, take a left toward Bo. Now, keep straight on or slightly right in every crossing (but never a 90 degree right) and you will have a pretty good chance finding the road to Sandsjöfors.
Sandsjöfors Left on Rd 128, toward Sävsjö.
Sandsjöbaden If you are hungry, make a right after 1,5 kilometres down to Sandsjöbaden where you find a good restaurant.
If not, then carry on toward Sävsjö.
Sandsjöbadens restaurang
Sävsjö In Sävsjö, take a right and then a left onto the road "Hjärtlandavägen".
If you prefer the alternative route over the western town High chaparral, then go right toward Värnamo on Rd 127. Follow the directions for Blue Route at point E, below.
Stockaryd Straight ahead at Hjärtlanda Church. Take left before the railway in Stockaryd and go on toward Rörvik.
Rörvik Make a right before Rörvik and keep on straight through the village.
Korsning med Rv 30 Crossing with Rd 30. Left on Rd 30 and after 1 kilometre, take right. After 8 kilometres, make a left in a T-crossing before the lake. After another 6 kilometres take a right toward Os.
Ohs Here in Ohs you will find Ohs steam raiway line which runs on narrow gauge tracks. Here is also a café at hand. Ohsa-banan
From Ohs, continue to Olofström from point 2 on the next map, (Click here)
Vrigstad Make a right in the village. After the village, take left toward Värnamo.
Värnamo Go toward Hestra. The throughway is located north of town.
Store Mosse nationalpark At Store Mosse you can stroll in nature on the largest bog south of Lapland. But rubber boots may be a good idea. Store Mosse nationalpark
Hillerstorp Left toward High Chaparral
High Chaparral High Chaparral is the site for 1998 SVC Club meet. Have a meal at restaurant "Diligensen" ("Stage coach"), stay overnight at Hotel Big Bengt and check out the Wild West city. High Chaparral
From High Chaparral continue to Olofström, following next map from point 11. (Click here)