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Year 2020
January 24 - 26 MotorCycle Show 2020, Gothenburg MC Show 2020
February 1 Brexit
Mars 14 Philip Conrad Vincent's birthday (1908 - 1979). Also Pi-Day
April 10 - 13 Custom Motor Show, Elmia / Jönköping CANCELLED MC Show 2020
19 Glennträffen, Coffe-meet east of Gothenburg Glennträffen 2020
25 - 26 Stafford Classic Bike Show, CANCELLED MC Show 2019
May 1 - 3 Jyllandsløb, Danmark
16 Vårkicken, Kicka Tungt BBC, Motorcycle Rally, Hörjelgården Tomelilla Vårkicken 2020
17 Tjolöholm Classic Motor Show, south of Gothenburg, Sweden Tjolöholm Classic Motor
18 - 23 The Polish Vincent Rally, Gdansk. Might be combined with a "CalleTour" Amber Rally, Poland
21 Kings Rally, Kungsbacka (Kings Hill), Sweden
23 MCHK-Day Gröndal. Track-day for Classic Bikes in Eskilstuna, Sweden MCHK-Day
30/5 - 12/6 Isle of Man TT CANCELLED Isle of Man TT
June 5 - 7 Mosten English Meet, Allingåbro, Denmark Mosten English Meet
6 Norrtälje Custom Bike Show, Norrtälje Sweden Norrtälje Custom Bike Show
12 - 14 Scandinavian Vincent Rally 2020 (50 years Jubilee), Hökensås. See invitation below !
12- 14 Brittiralli, Finland. For all English bikes
27 Nostalgia Festival, (Classic Motor Show), Ronneby Sweden Nostalgia Festival
July 3 - 5 Britannia Rally Norge, Farmers MC, Lillehammer Norge Britannia Rally Norway
5 - 7 Mosten Engelsk Traef in Allingåbro, Denmark, meet for Engish bikes
9 - 12 Englaenderträff at Bornholm (south Baltic See) Englaenderträff Bornholm
17 - 19 Windmill Rally, Hobro Denmark, motorcycles 1940 and older
24 - 26 Knalleträffen, Borås Sweden
24 - 26 41 Albion Rally in Ringe at Fyn (Denmark). For all English bikes Albion Rally 2019
August 7 - 9 Classic Racing Nordic Open, Linköping Sweden Årsracet Linköping
7 - 9 Britannia Rally, Mora Sweden. For all English bikes. Swedish Britannia Rally 2020
14 - 16 Britannia Rally Danmark, Rødkærsbro (Jylland, Denmark) Britannia Rally Denmark
14 - 16 Egeskovløbet. Rally, bikes pre.1940, Egeskov Castle, Fyn / Denmark
15 Mälaren Runt, Stockholm Sweden. One lap around a see Mälaren Runt
23 - 31 The Classic TT, Isle of Man Classic TT Isle of Man
28 - 30 Oljeskvetten Engelsk träff, Vestfold Norge
September 5 - 6 Skåne Rundt, rally for very old bikes Skåne Rundt 2019
12 - 13 Tändsticksträffen, Bankeryd Sweden
27 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride
October 9 - 11 Ruskträffen (Bad Weather Meet), Eskilstuna Sweden Rusk meet
10 - 11 Stafford Classic Bike Show, Staffordshire County Showground MC Show 2019
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The rally takes place close to Jönköping in southern Sweden on June 12 - 14.
We have been waiting for 50 years, so don't miss out on this one!!
The site is First Camp Hökensås, situated in a picturesque area in the deep forest, dotted with many lakes, known for good fishing.

Hökensås is also the same place where the first ever Rally of the Scandinavian Vincent Club was held. That rally gathered 13 riders on nine Vincent bikes, but the Club has grown steadily in the 50 years that followed.
Our vision and hope for this rally is to assemble as many Vincent enthusiasts and Vincent machines as possible! Maybe even larger number than at large rallies on the continent?

Meeting hosts Henry R, Roland M and Sivert B inviting you to the Celebration Rally of SVC. The same place as 50 years ago!

Application latest on the 20th of April 2020.
Apply by e-mail to Henry Riedel on henry.riedel@hotmail.com

The Application must include:
- Name and e-mail or address
- Cell phone number
- Sweater size, S, M, L, XL, XXL.
- If important to you, state name of person to share the cottage with.

From within Sweden You can make a SEK 1950:- domestic payment to Henrys bank account in
SEB 5102 34 487 34
From Denmark You can pay to Jimmys bank account to awoid the rather high cost of international transfer.
Pay DKK 1.405:- to Den Danske bank, reg. 4085, account 3321018815
After April 20 You have to make an international transfer to Henry, SEK 1950:- as below.
From any other country: The rally fee of 186:- Euro must be paid close to the same day when you apply.
Transfer to IBAN: SE4550000000051023448734 BIC: ESSESESS
Due to the circumstances, You are advised to wait with the payment until further notice
Included in this fee is:
- Two nights in a four-bed cottage
- Two breakfasts
- Dinner on Friday and Saturday (beverage to be paid by participant)
- A warm Celebration sweater! Don't forget to state your size in the e-mail application!
- Bed linen and house cleaning are included.

If you apply later than 20th of April, we will try our best to fix accommodation for you.
However, the fee may in such a case be subject to slight change and we cannot guarantee that you can share cottage with Vincent-friends.
And unfortunately, the Celebration sweater is only available to those who have applied within the date stated.

First Camp Hökensås Hökensås is actually a large mountainous forest area, stretching 100 km from north to south, situated to the west of Lake Vättern. It is known for its many possibilities for outdoor activities like fishing and hiking.

The meeting hosts will use their experience and huge wisdom when distributing the cottages among the participants. If you want to share your cottage with a certain person, please state your names in your application.
We have made a preliminary booking of cottages 1 through 17, and 46, 47 and 48 (marked with red on map).

Breakfast is served in the Guest house (no 3 on map) which also serves as our meeting place.
At the Camping site entrance there is a Mini-market, a Café, a Pub and a Mini golf course.
Also at the entrance is a Reception desk for people who want to try their luck and rent fishing gear!
There are four hiking paths for anyone wanting to stretch their legs after a long day ?in the saddle?.

First Camp Hökensås
The Camping
Hökensås fishing / angling
Address: First Camp, Håkängen 1, 522 91, Tidaholm.
Telephone: +46-502-23053
Easiest way to get there, is to aim for Jönköping. West of Jönköping take road 195 north in direction toward city of Hjo.
After 40 km turn left (west) at gas station "Q-star" in village Brandstorp.
Continue west about 9 km.
Take a left (south) and you will find the camping site after just 600 metres.
It will be on your right.
Please note that there are two camping sites pretty close to each other!
The wrong one, south of ours, will most likely not contain any Vincents at all ?

Once at the camping site, simply follow signs guiding you to a cottage at the top for check-in. Don?t forget to wave when you pass the others that have arrived before you!!
Friday June 12
- Arrival
- Tyre kicking and mingling
- 1900: Grill buffé in the Guest house
- Planning Saturday's trips

Saturday June 13
- 0800-1000: Breakfast
- Trips in groups or solo. Or just stay behind and take it easy.
- 1200-1400: Lunch stop.
- 1800: Annual General Meeting in the Guest house
- 1930: Dinner in the Guest house

Sunday June 14
- 0800-1400: Breakfast
- Departure for home

Several alternatives for Saturday. Instead of a single common trip for all, we have put together several different alternatives to choose from. Or maybe you would prefer to simply stay behind and have a resting day.
Going in smaller groups is a bit easier. And to use Friday night for planning and composing your trip could be a good idea?
Tips. The Huskvarna Museum is pretty close. Could be worth a visit.
Guiding riders (path finders) will be at hand for the trips that attract large number of riders.
A Break-down service will be provided for, (in case we need to assist any Japan bike riders that have come to a stop, of course!)
This service (car and trailer) can be reached by calling +46-705-125282.
Please make sure to return to this website in the months to come. We plan to display different maps showing suggestions for the trips!