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Egli-Vincent for sale

Mikael has decided to sell his Egli-Vincent. As it was "Vincent of the Month" in May here, it is already well despribed. Just klick here to see. You can also read more about the bike in MPH no 863.

If You have questions or want to give him an offer, mail to


For sale: Front Fork Springs, Girdraulic:

Anders Löfqvist and a friend needed new front fork springs for their Comets. They ordered a batch from Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar. To get a reasonable price, Anders had to buy many more than needed, so he have some surplus to sell. Price: 250:- SEK each + shipping (500:- for one fork).

You can find adress to Anders if You log in at "Members"

Sivert Bomberg has a lot of exhaust systems and can sell most of them. He is living in Jönköping, Sweden.
- Two original pipes (rear pipe missing) and one silencer
- One Egli original
(Sold !)
- One Black Lightning, copy of original
(Sold to Houston !)
- One complete system original
If You are interested, send a mail to to get more info or to negotiate.

IIt looks like Sune Lindberg got some parts left over after he built the Triple-Vincent. Here is what he wants to sell:

1 st, ET24/1 Inspection Cap "Vincent". New SEK 150:-.
1 st, ET50/2 Idler Gear alumininum. New SEK 550:-.
1 st, (PD1) Triplex chain, 112 pitch, a little longer but endless. New SEK 650:- .

Seller: Sune Lindberg +46-705-980988

See Members Page for more address information to seller (e-mail)
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Parts & Bikes Wanted
A member wish to buy a Vincent 1000 cc. If You have anything like that for sale, please phone Kent Liljegren +46 70 6654636. Kent was a member of the club and then owner of Rapide, Black Shadow and Series A Comet. He has now joined the club again and is looking for a bike.


Looking for parts to Burman gearbox (Comet). Most important is the long shaft, but also parts 14 BA and
15 BA are of interest.
Important with good condition.
Contact Johan,