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Vincent enthusiasts have a huge treasue of literature to enjoy. Here we present a list of titles to our knowleage. In addition to this there is also alot of articles in the press, some of which You can find at the Press page.
If you know any Vincent book not listed below, please let us know.

If nothing else stated, the books below are in english.

Click the title to see the envelope of the book.

Sörens Bok
This book was written by Sören Skoog and (after his death) edited by Calle Sjöblom. Sören owned around 130 motorcycles in his lifetime and the book is about hes experience riding them. It also cover how the Scandinavian Vincent Club was founded. All text is in swedish.

Price is SEK 200:- incl. postage within Sveden. To buy, send a mail to Calle.

Instruction manuals etc from the Vincent factory.

1. Vincent Riders Handbook
2. Vincent H.R.D. Instruction Book for series A
3. Service Manual for 'B', 'C' and 'D' Singles and Twins, även känd som Instruction Sheets
4. Instruction Book Amanda
5. Vincent Manual all models from 1935
6. Vincent Spares List, Serie B
7. Vincent Spares List, Serie B and C
8. Indian/Vincent Overhaul Manual. This book is a loose-leaf compilation. (No picture)
9. Vincent Spares List, Serie D
10. Vincent Universal two stroke instruction & spares list. (No picture)
11. Firefly Instruction book.
12. Firefly Service Guide and Fault Finding Chart.
13. Firefly Spare List.

Books written by Philip Vincent / Roy Harper.

14. P.C. Vincents Autobiography av Philip Vincent
15. Vincent: 50 Years of the Marque av Philip Vincent
16. Vincent Vee Twins av Roy Harper
17. The Vincent H.R.D. Story av Roy Harper
18. Vincent HRD Gallery av Roy Harper
19. P.C. Vincent The Snarling Beast

Book written by Philip E. Irving.

20. Restoring & Tuning Classic Motor Cycles av Phil Irving (Master constructer of the Vincent factory)
21. Motorcycle Engineering av Phil Irving
22. Rich Mixture av Phil Irving
23. Black Smoke av Phil Irving
24. Tuning for Speed av Phil Irving
25. Motorcycle Technicalities av Phil Irving
26. An Autobiography av Phil Irving
27. Two-Stroke Power Units: The design & Application, P.E.Irving.
28. Automobile Engine Tuning, P.E.Irving.

Books published in cooperation with VOC

29. Forty Years On
30. Another Ten Years
31. Ladies Section Recipe Book
32. Vincent MPH index (No picture)
33. MPH Modification index (No picture)

Other books
4. Vincent Motorcycles av Paul Richardson.
35. Know Thy Beast av E.M.G. Stevens
36. Vincent -H.R.D. Motorcycles 1947-1955 av Bruce Main-Smith
37. Super Profile: Vincent Twins av P. Bickerstaff
38. Original Vincent Motorcycle av J P Bickerstaff
39. The Denis Minett Note Book av Denis Minett
40. The First Vincent H.R.D. Scene av Bruce-Main Smith Publication
41. Vincent-HRD av Peter Carrick
42. George Brown: Sprint Superstar av Cliff Brown
43. Vincent from 1938 av Motor Cycle and Motor Cycling introduced by Cyril Ayton
44. Motor-Cycling World Record Breaking On a Shoestring av Bob Burns
45. Flat Out! The Rollie Free Story av Jerry Hatfield
46. Greased Lighting av Paul S. Von Till
47. The Egli The Official Book
48. Vincent HRD Made in Stevenage published by Stevenage Museum
49. H.R.D. Vincent La 1000 Vincent av Antoine Guirao. Text in french
50. Vincents whith big Sid av S.M. Biberman
51. Big Sid's Vincati av Matthew Biberman
52. Full gas syster Vincent av Dyan Sheldon swedish translation
53. Vincent av Duncan Wherrett
54. Illustrated Vincent Motorcycle Buyers Guide av Zachary Miller
55. Vincent Gold Portfolio 1945-1980 utgiven av Brooklands Books
56. Vincent HRD story in South Australia av Paul Wilkins
57. Vincent, the Complete Story av David Wright
58. Vincent and HRD Motorcycles How they were promoted and sold av David Wright
59. Vincents HRDs and the Isle of Man av David Wright
60. HRD Motorcycles av Geoff Preece
61. The Vincent - HRD Owners Club A Photographic Miscellany av Geoff Preece
62. The Vincent HRD in Australia av Brian Greenfield
63. The Hundred Thousand av Edward Joy & Sons LTD Filtrate Works
64. The Burman Gear Box av Burman & Sons LTD
65. Mitt liv med motoryklar av Sören Skoog, Swedish text. (See description to the right)
66. The Vincent in the Barn av Tim Cotter
67. Sprängskisser / instruktion Lucas magnet
68. Vincent Motorcyklar. Instruktionsbok från Malte Blom (swedish text)

Books and pamphlettes missing in our listing.
Calle is interested to buy these books, mail

Vincent Universal two stroke instruction & spares list
Vincent MPH index
MPH Modification index
Sales Literature 1938 Cover: photograph of HRD sidecar outfit in front of a cottage.
Sales Literature 1945 16 page cataloque Cover text The Post War Vincent HRD. Rapide the Little Big Twin
Sales Literature 1949 24 page cataloque Cover drawing on an olive backgrund of a red-tank HRD Rapide
Sales Literature 1954 Cover: Photographs of Rollie Free and Marty Dickerson
Sales Literature 1955 Cover text: Take the VINCENT road ......and meet your friends.

Last update 2020-05-21
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