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January 22 - 25 Motor Cycle Show 2015, Stockholm / Älvsjö
February 6 - 8 Bremen Classic Motor Show .....
April 3 - 6 Custom Motor Show, Elmia Jönköping
15 - 19 Techno Classica Show, Essen .
May 15 - 17 Classic Racing, Falkenberg
June 30 - 12/6 Isle of Man TT
5 - 7 Classic Racing, Botnia Ring, Finland
12 - 14 Brittirally, Pyhäjärvi Finland
12 - 14 Classic Racing, Våler Norway
16 Klassik Racing, Karlskoga. Extra Track Meet MCHK-Racing
25 - 28 Godwood Festival of Speed .....
26 - 28 Scandinavian Rally, Olofström / Ronneby. See invitation below!
27 Nostalgia Festival, Brunnsparken, Ronneby
July 1 - 5 FIVA World Rally for motorcycles, Andorra
10 - 12 Classic Racing, Mo i Rana, Norway
16 - 19 Kurland Rally, Latvia
31 - 2/8 Classic Racing, the 50 Years Jubilee Race, Linköping Sweden.
August 7 - 9 Britannia Rally, Hanksville Farm, Svalöv, meet for english bikes
7 - 9 Classic Racing, Donington Park, England
14 - 16 Britannia Rally Denmark, Rödkjaersbro (Jutland)
15 Mälaren Runt (a lap around lake Mälaren)
29 - 31 Isle of Man Classic TT
28 - 30 Classic Racing, Karlskoga, Sweden
September 6 -11 The 2015 International Rally, etapp 1 (Garda to Sirmione)
11 - 16 The 2015 International Rally, etapp 2 (Rimini)
16 - 21 The 2015 International Rally, etapp 3 (Montecatini Therme)
11 - 13 Goodwood Revival
12 - 13 Classic Racing, Jyllandsringen, Danmark
November 10 - 15 EICMA, international motorcycle show in Milano
January 2016 28 - 31 MC-Mässan (Motorcycle Show), Gothenburg
Please, observe that we don't take any responsability in case any activity is cancelled or moved .

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Welcome to the 2015 Club Meet to be held on 26th - 28th of June at Fritzatorpet in Olofström, Blekinge County.

The site is Hotel Fritzatorpet outside the town Olofström in Blekinge County.
We will stay in double rooms with hotel standard and have breakfast also of hotel class.
Together this does unfortunately not allow for a low budget price for the meet. At the same time the registration fee is not a new record high.

Preliminary programme

Friday 26th of June:

- Arrival. The bikes can be conveniently parked in a fenced off area at the back of the hotel. Here is also a
..huge tent at our disposal.
- A welcome beer, on the house.
- The T-shirt for the Meet is handed out.
- Mingling and tyre kicking
- Short walk with Quiz, or easy contest of some kind.
- In the evening we will have a contest to see which team can get the most perfect skewers on the grill.
..This will be either at the beach or in the tent

Saturday 27th of June:

- Breakfast and departure for today´s trip.
- We will shock the spectators at the Nostalgia Festival by showing so many Vincents at the same time that
..they will tell their grandchildren for years to come.
..This is one of the largest shows in Sweden and there is a lot to check out.
..The ones that are riding non-Vincents, or do not want to show their bikes are asked to park at a specially
..designated parking lot just outside the gates
- 13:00 Lunch at Ronneby Brunn restaurant (walking distance).
- 14:00 Annual Grand Meeting at the same place as the lunch.
- Back at Nostalgia Festval we continue the social tyre kicking and enjoy the show until closing time
-17:00 We start up our bikes to ride small roads back to Fritzatorpet
- Three course dinner in the restaurant.

Sunday 28th of June:

- Breakfast
- Departure time
- The ones who want to can take the route by way of Ebbamåla, a unique technologic and cultural-historical
..attraction with all genuine industrial surroundings from 1850-1950 intact

At the back of the hotel there is a fenced off area and a gigantic tent at our disposal.
We promise there will be no rain, but in case of a few drops we can park under roof and keep both the tyre kicking and the AGM in the tent.
Check out the home page of the Hotel: Hotel Fritzatorpet: Hotell Fritzatorpet
In the large party tent there is plenty of room for Friday's evening grill. Breakfast and Saturday's dinner takes place in the restaurant. Here we also find the bar, which, we have been promised, will serve English beer.
Registration and payment

Meeting Organiser is Jan Stigsen, Telephone: +46-325-40777, or +46-705-223584,
Meeting fee is
SEK 1550:- per person. This includes two overnight stays with breakfast, Friday night grill skewer, entrance and lunch at Nostalgia Festival, three course meal on Saturday night, and of course a SVC Meet T-shirt.
To somewhat lower your costs, the club pays for a drink (beer or wine) at the arrival.
More drinks can be purchased in the restaurant bar.

Payment and registration:
Latest 2015-05-10, to SVC treasurer Henry Riedel, Björnbärsvägen 1 SE- 511 57 Kinna, Sweden. Postal account 343728-2 eller IBAN SE2895000099601803437282 BIC NDEASESS Please do not forget to state your name.
If You already made an early registration, it is now time to confirm this by paying the fee to our treasurer.

Late Registration

Late registration for the meet might be possible, but first contact the Meeting Organiser so that we can check the availability of rooms. Don't make any payments until confirmation of this.

We are now running out of rooms at Fritzatorpet, so late registration must sleep at another hotel, but that is no problem. Same fee and Fritzatorpet has a buss that will take You there and back when You wish to sleep or return for breakfast.

Please also send a letter or e-mail to Meeting Organiser Jan Stigsén, stating:
- Name and address
- Telephone number
- e-mail address (to make us reach you with confirmation and any meeting updates)
- Preferred size of T-shirt (S, M, L, XL, and so on)
- The restaurants need to know if You have any food allergy, or if You as muslim need to awoid pork.
- Information on what motorcycle you intend to use, and also if you would not like to show your motorcycle on
..the Nostalgia Festival.
..We plan to produce plastic signs to accompany the different Vincent models on display. If you have a
..model of unusual kind, please contact us with information about your bike.
So far we are 57 registered participants. For the Exhibition: 41 Vincent
Sweden 36 Comet 7
Denmark 9 Victor 1
Germany 9 Rapide 17
England 2 Black Shadow 6
Holland 1 Norvin 3
Egli 4
Special 3

Finding your way_____________ ______Take the nicer route.

Our Club meets are usually considered nice and memorable.
Now we would like the participants also to have a really nice time while getting there - and back!
One way is to keep away from highways and straight roads.
If you have time, follow these instructions to find winding, pleasant country roads.

Those of you who choose any of these alternative routes, will participate in a contest with token prizes during Saturday's dinner.It will be an identification quiz based on photos taken along the road.

Here are the different alternative routes, just a click away:

1) From Skåne (Ystad)... 5) From Halland (Varberg)
In Olofström, follow the signs toward "Nyteboda" or Fritzatorpet from Rd 50 (Old maps may list this as Rd 121).
This road goes north/south from Lönsboda to Pukavik through the western part of Olofström.
After riding about one kilometre westbound through the forest you will find the sign "
Fritzatorpet". Follow that small road.
2) From Skåne (Malmö). 6) From the north-east

(Mjölby / Norrköping)

3) From Skåne (Helsingborg). 7) From Småland

(Värnamo / Vrigstad)

4) From West Gothaland


Sites of interest around


Long way to drive from England through Holland, Germany and Denmark ?
There is one ferry if You can do without disco and taxfree. Limited capacity, so book early!
Click here to read more

Swimming time?

The hotel itself is nicely located by the lake Halen, so if good weather can be forecasted, it may be a good idea to bring your swim suit.
A sauna raft complete with a wood fire is also at our free disposal! However, in this case the hotel prefers that You bring Your own towel.


Nostalgia Festival

Saturday's trip is destined to the motor meet "Nostalgia Festival" in Ronneby. We will exhibit our bikes, check out the show, and have lunch.

Please read more on the site: Nostalgia Festival 2015: Nostalgia Festival 2015
(as of now, the text is only in Swedish)