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År 2016
January 28 - 31 MC-Show 2016, Gothenburg MC-Mässan Göteborg
February 26 - 28 Mc-Mässan I västerås, local motorcycle show, Bombardier Arena Mc-mässan i Västerås
Mars 18 - 20 Mc-Mässan i Norrköping, local motorcycle show, Stadium Arena Mc-mässan i Norrköping
25 - 28 Custom Motor Show, Elmia Jönköping, Sivert's Norvin is there. Custom Motor Show, Elmia
April 17 Prescott Bike Festival / Hill Climb, Cheltenham (GB) Prescott Hill Climb
23 Degeberga Vårmarknad (veteran flea market) Degeberga Vår-marknad
23- 24 International Classic MotorCycle Show, Stafford Classic Motorcycle Show, Stafford
May 5 Jakriborg Prix 2016 (Classic Car Race) Jakriborg Prix 2016
7 - 8 Roadracing Swedish Chamionship, Anderstorp
20 - 21 Swedish Oldtimer Racing, Anderstorp (car-race)
21 Heavy Kick BBC / Vårkicken. Rally for english bikes, Höör Kicka Tungt, rally i Skåne
22 Gärdesloppet, Stockholm, Prins Bertil Memorial (car-race) Gärdesloppet
22 Botnia Ring, Jurva Finland. Classic Racing NM & NO Botnia Ring
22 Tjolöholm Classic Motor, show cars & bikes Tjolöholm Classic Motor
27 - 30 Vincent / VOC Rally in Holland
28 - 10/6 Isle of Man TT Isle of Man TT
June 3 - 5 Mosten Engelsk Træf, meet for english bikes, Denmark Mosten Engelsk Träff
5 Roadracing Endurance, Anderstorp
8 Eckington Classic Car and Bike show at Renishaw Hall
10 - 12 Classic Racing, Våler, Norway
17 - 19 SVC Scandinavian Rally, Fleninge Motell See invitation below!
18 - 19 Roadracing Swedish Championship, Linköping (Sviestad)
23 - 26 Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed
July 1 - 3 Vintage Road Racing European Championship, Anderstorp
2 Nostalgia Festival, Classic Show in Brunnsparken Ronneby Nostalgia Festival
3 - 5 Britannia Rally Norway, meet for english bikes Britannia Rally Norge
8 - 10 Englændertræf (Englander Meet), Bornholm. Advance registration Bornholmsträffen 2016
9 Råbelövs Grand Prix, a memory of the 1956 - 1961 GP Rabelovs GP
19 - 21 Vincent / VOC Rally in France
29 - 31 Albion Rally, meet for english bikes. Vester Hæsinge (Fyn, Denmark) Albion Rally 2016
30 - 31 Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, car race in Copenhagen Copenhagen Grand Prix
30 - 31 Roadracing Swedish Championship, Karlskoga (Gelleråsen)
August 5 - 7 Classic Racing, 51-Years Race Sviestad (Linköping)
7 Rule Britannia, meet for english wehicles at Arvika Motormuseum Rule Britannia, Arvika Fordonsmuseum
12 - 14 Britannia Rally, Sunnemo (Värmland), meet for english bikes Britannia Rally 2016
12 - 14 British Motor Meet 2016, Karlsborg British Motor Meet, Karlsborg
19 - 21 Britannia Rally Danmark, Rødkærsbro (Jylland), english bikes meet Danska Britannia Rally
20 - 21 Roadracing, Falkenberg
26 - 28 Classic Racing, Gelleråsen (Karlskoga)
27 - 29 Isle of Man Classic TT Isle of Man Classic TT
September 1 - 4 Mosten Raceday (dragrace) Denmark Mosten Raceday
9 - 11 Goodwood Revival Goodwood Festival of Speed
14 - 19 Austrian Vincent / VOC Rally, Markushof in Wagrain
21 - 25 Italian Vincent / VOC Rally, Montecatini Terme
Oktober 5 - 9 INTERMOT, International Motorcycle Show in Cologne (Germany) INTERMOT
November 10 - 13 EICMA, International Motorcycle Show, Milan (Italy) Milano mc-mässa
19 - 27 Motorcycle Live, Motorcycle Show, NEC Birmingham NEC Birmingham
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Fleninge, Skåne 17,18 and 19th of June

In Fleninge just north of Helsingborg is the first motel in Sweden located. Today it is still in
operation and modernised in old style and have good standar

Rallyfee. EUR 175.-
Included in the rally fee is:
2 nights in the motel with breakfast Saturday and Sunday.
Supper on Friday.
Lunch Saturday.
Rallydinner Saturday evening.
Rally T-shirt.
Tasting of beer from a local brewery.
Beer, whine and water/soda is sold by the club on a nonprofit basis..

Sign up to:
Anders Löfqvist
Ryavägen 216
253 41 Vallåkra, Sweden

Notification including payment on the last day of February (if you want a secret gift)
otherwise the last day of April.
Notification shall include:
Name and mobile (or phone)
Email (post adress if you do not have email)
Size on rally T-shirt (S to XXL)

Payment to
Anders Löfqvist
IBAN: SE38 8000 0821 4923 7677 3368 (EUR 175.-)

Fleninge Motel

Highways from all directions lead to Fleninge. We are sure hope the meet will be a nice one, but why not having a nice ride there, and back? We have made some suggestions for You. Small roads and some of them might also be a bit twisty.
There will also be a competition. Somewhere along those roads we took a photo. If You recognize the place there might be a price for You, so keep Your eyes open when driving!!!
Small roads from the South
Twisty roads from the East
Nice roads from the North
Calle recommend: Arrival at Thursday

Arriving early and hungry?
or having spare time for sightseeing?

There is no lunch restaurant at the motel if You arrive early friday.
Here You can find some recommended restaurants and other places to visit in the neighborhood.

Restaurants & tourist attractions

We are 67 Vincent bikers for the rally and the motel is fully occupied. The participants come from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, England and Poland.


- Arrival and registration during the afternoon and evening.
- Supper from the grill.

- After breakfast we will have a short lecture about Sweden Grand Prix in Saxtorp. This event took place
-.1930 -1939 and is still the largest sports event in Sweden with over 160 000 spectators.
- We drive to the GP track and have a competition (it's not about speed but planning the ride)
- Lunch
- Return to the motel
- Annual general meeting
- Beer tasting. A local brewery is presenting their beers.
- Dinner

- Breakfast
- End of the rally

Saxtorp GP Wikipeda
Saxtorp 1931 Sydsvenskan
Saxtorp 1933 Sydsvenskan