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Year 2014
January 23 - 26 Mc-Show in Gothenburg
31 - 2/2 Bremen Classic Motor Show
Mars 26 - 30 Techno Classica Show, Essen
April 18 - 21 Custom Motor Show, Elmia Jönköping
May 2 - 4 Germany North - West Section Meeting, Hann. Münden
17 Vårkicken "Heavy Kick", Höör, Sweden
18 Tjolöholm Classic Motor, Sweden
24 - 6/6 Isle of Man TT
June 6 - 8 Classic Racing, Botnia Ring, Finland
11 - 13 Calle's Pretour - Graffiti and dungeons, see far below!
13 -15 SVC Annual Meet, Lidköping / Sweden See invitation below Pictures
26 - 29 FIVA World Rally for motorcycles, Andermatt Switzerland
26 - 29 Godwood Festival of Speed
27 - 29 Norsk Britannia Rally, Jessheim Norway, english motorcycle meet
27 - 29 BSA-Campingen, Bankeryd, english motorcycle meet
28 Nostalgia Festival, Brunnsparken in Ronneby
29 Club Triton France - Track Day, France
July 4 - 6 Classic Racing, Mo i Rana, Norway
11 - 13 Englaendertraef 2014. Bornholm, Denmark
11 - 13 Brittany Rally, Trégon, France (Club Triton France)
August 1 - 3 Classic Racing "The Annual Race", Linköping, Sweden
8 - 10 Britannia Rally, Lenhovda, Motorcycle Meet, English bikes only
8 - 10 Classic Racing, Donington Park, England
15 - 18 Britannia Rally Denmark, Rödkjaersbro (Jylland)
16 Mälaren Runt (One lap around a lake near Stockholm)
23 - 25 Isle of Man Classic TT
29 - 31 Classic Racing, Karlskoga, Sweden
September 5 - 7 Glemseck 101, caférace meet (most english bikes), Stuttgart
12 - 14 Tändsticksträffen (Matches Meet), Bankeryd Sweden Pictures
12 - 14 Goodwood Revival
12 - 14 Thonenburg, Tyskland. The VOC German Rally 2014 Pictures
17 - 23 Wagrain, Österrike. The 5:th VOC Rally Austria 2014
24 - 27 Ütia de Börz i Dolomiterna (fortsättning på ovanstående träff)
October 1 - 5 INTERMOT 2014, Europe Main Motorcycle Fair, Cologne
3 - 5 Verdon Rally 3, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France
10 - 12 Ruskträffen (Bad Weather Meet), Eskilstuna, Sweden
November 6 -9 EICMA, International Motorcycle Fair, Milano
Year 2015
January 22 - 25 Motorcycle Show in Stockholm / Älvsjö
June 26 - 28 SVC Annual Meet, Olofström (Sweden) More info to come
27 Nostalgia Festival, Ronneby
July 31 - 2/8 Classic Racing, 50-Years Race in Linköping. 50 years jubilee
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Invitation to the Annual Meeting of the Scandinavian Vincent Club Welcome to this year's club meeting on 13-15 June 2014 at Falkängen conference and hostel Hällekis, Sweden

Accommodation is in cabins and modern apartments with 2-6 beds. Each apartment has its own bathroom and a kitchen with hotplates. Bed linen and towels are included. Double room for couples (subject to availability )

On Falkängen there is also a craftsman?s village with workshops, a stone museum, an industrial museum , herb garden, café etc. .

The most important thing is that we come together and meet, but we are also planning a trip to Läckö Castle and Visitor Centre Vänerskärgården - Victoria Hall. The castle itself is unfortunately closed to the public due to the opening of this year's show but it's well worth a visit anyway. On Friday night there will be a barbecue buffet and on Saturday the annual general meeting and then dinner at the nearby restaurant:
Any beverage can be purchased in the restaurant during dinner. Beer, wine and sodas can be purchased at same reasonable prices during the whole stay.

Meeting Hosts: Börje and Anna Kollnert
Phone : ++46510-61962 or ++4670 32 848 42

The meeting fee is SEK 1250:- per person. The fee includes two nights accommodation with breakfast, barbecue buffet Friday night, Saturday night dinner and bed linen.

Payment and registration: Latest 2014-05-23, to SVC club treasurer Henry Riedel , Björnbärsvägen 1 SE- 511 57 Kinna , postal account 343728-2 IBAN BIC SE2895000099601803437282 NDEASESS do not forget to give your name. Falkängen can take up to 100 people, but is very popular in the summer, so we need to book, i.e. late entries can not be guaranteed accommodation.
Please also send the registration note to meeting host by email:

Hällekis is signposted from the road 44 between Lidköping and Gotene or if you come from the north on the E20 (Stockholm- Gothenburg ) sign Hällekis about 15 km south of Mariestad. If you come from the south at (Gothenburg - Stockholm ) E20 turn off the Götene route 44 direction Lidköping
Calle's Pretour - Graffiti and dungeons.

For those who think that Friday to Sunday is a bit short for a trip to Sweden and the annual Meet, check out this invitation to an extended tour!
This includes historical points of interest in West-Sweden as well as nature sceneries in the nearby county of Dalsland.
At this stage, the plans are only preliminary and, by the way, using your car is perfectly OK. It is also possible to join only part of the tour.

Wednesday June 11th

Take-off from Gothenburg at 0900 hours. Location is still to be decided upon.
Gothenburg – Lysekil. Lunch and visit to the maritime centre "Havets Hus". Lysekil - Tanum and the ancient rock carvings (petroglyphs). From there on eastward toward the meeting site in Hällekis. In case of continuous rain, the group decides together on an alternative agenda.
Distance for this day, about 300 km.

Thursday June 12th

A tour of Dalsland including the Håverud Aqueduct, built about 150 years ago. An alternative to this is a visit to Läckö Castle at Lake Vänern.

Distance 300-350 km.
Friday June 13th

A guided visit to the Karlsborg fortification, which was built during the years 1819-1909. The fortification was a part of the Central Defence Strategy of those days. This included the plans for a number of strong fortifications located in the centre of the country. Karlsborg was to act as a spare Capital in wartime and was going house parliament, government, the Bank Reserves and the Royal family.
Still today the slogan for the city of Karlsborg is "The Nation's Spare Capital". The honourable Vincent owner Anders Hygrell of Sweden was during his military service given a golden opportunity to get a closer look at the inside of the fortification. This goes back to a ten day not-so-voluntary sightseeing of the prison cell of the fortification. According to Anders H he was the last prisoner there. It cannot be totally ruled out that there is a commemorative plaque at the actual site.

Distance 200 km.

Rules and guidelines.
Each participant pays his own expenses. No fee. Each participant books his extra accommodation nights at Falkängen, Hällekis. Phone Falkängen, Hällekis: 510-540653 or
Please contact Calle or Anders beforehand to avoid any guessing as to the number of bikers joining. Calles phone No: 31-276052 or
Anders phone No: 70-229 06 43 or

Calle and Anders welcome alternative suggestions when it comes to the trip and the sites involved. It is of course possible to join any of the trips on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.
The above should be seen as a "lunch buffet" from which one can pick the best.

Calle and Anders
On the funny side there will be a quiz in connection with the Karlsborg visit.
Why did Anders Hygrell spend ten days behind bars? Was it because:
A. AWOL, (Away without permission to leave).
B. He was caught drunk on duty
C. Refusing to obey orders
D. Escaping
E. Simulating illness
F. Fallen asleep on watch duty
G. Marching out of step
H. He was the one who created the rock carvings
I. Flirting with the superior officer's girlfriend
J. Hitting a crow instead of the target at the rifle range
K. Making derogatory remarks about English motorcycles
L. Performing Exotic Dancing
The correct answer will be presented with 5 elegant white terrycloth towels for tools or for polishing.
The awards will take place at the Meet.