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Year 2019
January 25 - 27 MotorCycle Show 2019, Sollentuna (north of Stockholm) MC Show 2019
February 23 - 24 Mototcycle Show in Copenhagen, Denmark Motorcycle Show Copenhagen
Mars 14 Philip Conrad Vincent's birthday (1908 - 1979). Also Pi-day
April 14 Glennträffen, Coffe-meet east of Gothenburg Glenn Meet
19 - 22 Custom Motor Show, Elmia Jönköping Custom Motor Show
27 - 28 Stafford Classic Bike Show, Staffordshire County Showground MC Show 2019
May 17 - 15 Classic Racing Nordic Championship, Jurva Finland
18 Meet at 007 James Bond Museum, Nybro Sweden. Evening in Kimramåla Meet at James Bond Museum (swedish text)
19 Tjolöholm Classic Motor Show, south of Gothenburg, Sweden Tjolöholm Classic Motor
25 Vårkicken, Heavy Kick Rally, Hörjelgården Tomelilla, Sweden Vårkicken
30 Kings Rally, Kungsbacka (Kings Hill), Sweden
25/5 - 7/6 Isle of Man TT Isle of Man TT
31/5 - 2/6 Mosten English Meet, Allingåbro, Denmark Mosten English Meet
June 1 Norrtälje Custom Bike Show, Norrtälje Sweden Norrtälje Custom Bike Show
3 - 17 VOC International Vincent Rally, Belgium & Austria
14 - 16 Classic Racing Nordic Championship, Våler Norway
14 - 16 Brittiralli, Keuruu (Finland). For all English bikes Brittiralli Finland
15 British Motor Meet, Alingsåsparken, Englich car & motorcycle show Alingsas British Mootor Meet
29 Nostalgia Festival, (Classic Motor Show), Ronneby Sweden Nostalgia Festival
July 5 - 7 Britannia Rally Norway, Farmers MC, Lillehammer Norway Britannia Rally Norway
5 - 7 Classic Racing Nordic Championship, Anderstorp Sweden
12 - 14 Englaenderträff at Bornholm (south Baltic See) Englaenderträff Bornholm
26 - 28 Knalleträffen, Borås Sweden
26 - 28 41 Albion Rally in Ringe at Fyn (Denmark). For all English bikes Albion Rally 2019
August 2 - 4 Classic Racing Nordic Open, Linköping Sweden Årsracet Linköping
9 - 11 Britannia Rally, Lenhovda Sweden. For all English bikes. Britannia Rally 2019
16 - 18 Britannia Rally Danmark, Rødkærsbro (Jylland, Denmark) Britannia Rally Denmark
18 Mälaren Runt, Stockholm Sweden. One lap around a see Mälaren Runt
17 - 26 The Classic TT, Isle of Man Classic TT Isle of Man
24 - 25 Skåne Rundt, rally for very old bikes Skåne Rundt 2019
30/8 - 1/9 Scandinavian Rally 2019, Stockholm / Flottsbro
See invitation below
Scandinavian Rally 2019, Flottsbro
30/8 - 1/9 Classic Racing Nordic Championship, Karlskoga Sweden Classic Racing Karlskoga
September 6 - 8 Tändsticksträffen, Bankeryd Sweden
October 11 - 13 Ruskträffen (Bad Weather Meet), Eskilstuna Sweden Rusk meet
19 - 20 Stafford Classic Bike Show, Staffordshire County Showground MC Show 2019
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Invitation to Scandinavian Rally 2019
Stockholm / Flottsbro, Augusti 30 - September 1
We live in 4-bed cottages with wc and shower. Breakfast, bed linen and towels are included, as well as final clean up.

Please register no later than June 30th!
This is done simply by paying the Rally Fee and at the same time sending an e-mail to the rally host, Patrik Olsson via
patrik.x.olsson@gmail.com. You can also call him at phone
+46-708-926195. State Your mobile phone number and size of Your eventual rally t-shirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL).

Domestic payment from Sweden:
Rally fee SEK1.880:- / person
Hälsinglands Sparbank (independant bank within Swedbank)
Clearing number: 8129-9
Account number: 43 487 452-5

International payment from abroad:
Rally fee SEK 1.880:- or EUR 175:- / person
IBAN: SE6080000812990434874525
BIC (8 digits): SWEDSESS
BIC (11 digits): SWEDSESSXXX
Account holder: Patrik Olsson

Our cost of accomodation and meals is to a high degree depending on number of participants, so an eventual Rally T-shirt will only be possible if we are enough participants.

Preliminary programme:

Evening: Barbeque and snacks at the camping. Suitable beverages will be for sale at "no profit prices". .

Excursion at small roads in Södertörn (the area southeast of
...Flottsbro down to the coast / Nynäshamn).
...A car with trailer, tools and tubes etc. will follow us in case
...somebody has a mishap.
- Stop for lunch
17:00 (approx) SVC AGM at the Värdshuset (the inn)
Evening: Dinner at Värdshuset (the inn)
...Bar is open 18 - 01

After breakfast, the trip back home starts


Flottsbro Camping
Flottsbro Värdshus / Inn

Maps: How to find nice roads to Stockholm

Easy to find:

Leave E4 / E20 at Fittja and follow road 259 direction Huddinge.
After 2,5 km (1.5 miles), turn right into Häggstavägen.
At a cementery, turn left and You are almost there.